10 Mantras To Move Forward


It has been a long time since I had written here, so today I decided to do so. I have gone through a lot of up and downs these days, but as always I know life is always like that, you cannot expect smoothness from it even if you do, it will be a boring one.

I love to face challenges as it keeps me alive, just like the Japanese fish story where shark plays the role in keeping the small fish alive.

However, this time, I have some news for you, my blog indihope.com reaches around 1/2 million readerships which I had never dreamed of.

Although I am still in a dilemma whether the work I am doing is relevant to people or not?  Is this is helpful or not? All those efforts that I am making now are fully free of cost.

Thou I face negative comments and hatred emails, every time I received one negative email one question arises, is this is helpful to people or not.

My first priority is to make the blog simple so that anyone who comes to read my blog doesn’t face any problem, although there are some ads that support the work.

I believe sometimes we need to hear our own voice, what’s your take on that?

Moving from one spot to another that is the story of our life. Even it applies in every aspect of life. When someone gets hurt they feel awful about the situation, they think that this is their fault and they blame themselves. However, truth was never that anyone who hurts us or pass us a negative comment mostly because they were going through a lot of problems in their life.

I personally know some well-established and educated people those who talk so loud, but I know that this was not because they want to dominate me but because they are disturbed by their circumstances.

10 Mantras To Remember In Life

  • Happiness has been always your choice, whether it is in a joyful environment or in an awful condition.
  • Before passing any comment to others, it is our responsibility to put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand their condition.
  • Moving from any awful condition is always tough, but that is the reason we will move from that. Right?
  • Hurtful moments create vibes that help us balance our life.
  • If you consider a memory painful, remember, this will be the memory that will open a new door for you.
  • If you wish to live happily grab the hands of unhappy people, with everyone’s help we can reach anywhere.
  • Chanel your tears to your inspiration.
  • Be a full-time student of life, and learn every day, then there would be no surprises.
  • Never look back in your past, be like a river.
  • Set your goals, chase your dreams  , no wonder you will be happy.


I know sometimes it’s easy to say, but hard to achieve, but trust me, I had spent one year of my life in a bed due to my spinal problems, I know how it feels, but I choose to be happy. If I can, you can, anyone can.

The Stage is Yours Now

Comment in the below box and let me know how you feel about it? And what kind of thoughts you have in relate to this. I am looking forward to your response.


Sourav 🙂








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