10 Favorite Blogs Of All Time 

Month Of February and the running month March goes well for Indihope.com. It’s a bit tough out there, but I did well. More than ten blogs published in this last 15 days, out of those ten blogs 3 of it goes viral, and I had received over 8000 views in each blog, in the first few hours. Most of the credit remain to WordPress.com Family. Without your effort, I may not be able to do so.

Special thanks to those readers who put their precious time into my blog. I appreciate it. And I promise you, “I will do my best to keep it going.”

Sometimes I asked by people where from I get this Inspiration to keep this blog going. I had written about it on my About me page also. Most likely the feel should go into this way, “I may not be the best, but I should not remain in the rest.”

I assume that you already know about Indihope.comAs you are a subscriber to my personal blog site, currently I am less likely to use it, But the alcohol of wordpress.com doesn’t allow me to go anywhere.

It may go wrong If I don’t share those 10 blogs that I had mentioned above. Here is the list of it.

  1. 71 Motivational Quotes To Boost Yourself
  2. How To Be Productive In Less Than One Day
  3. 9 Habits To Stay Happy And Motivated In Life
  4. 57 Inspiring Quotes From Plato
  5. Take Positive Care Of Your Mind With Self Talk
  6. 8 Habits To Stay Happy In Life
  7. How To Find Yourself
  8. 51 Timeless Inspiring Leadership Quotes
  9. 25 Inspiring Quotes From Osho
  10. 41 Quotes About Peace Of Mind

I will be pleased If you could take a short time to write about how you feel about my blog. What are the things that I need to address well?  I will look forward to it.

Thanks and Kind regards

Sourav Adhikari

Don’t Forget To Subscribe Indihope.com, And remember that, A blogger who doesn’t make mistakes shall never going grow in the future. 🙂



  1. So I noticed that Indihope gives me a blog excerpt preview now in my WordPress reader, before taking me to the website which I am assuming is self hosted. Did your 3rd party hosting set you up with it? Did you code it to do that somehow to not lose your primary WP followers? I think that it’s the best way to keep those readers engaged, and would love to know how to to it before I self host. Feel free to tweet me links if that’s easier @GenealogyJen. Thanks for your help.

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